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I have XP10 and after trying the demo, I'm interested in upgrading to XP11.

I am just unsure about what version to get. I have the disks for 10, but part of me wants instant gratification via the digital download of 11. I'm just concerned though. With the digital, can we burn anything to a DVD/bluray for back up? Or can we log into an account and re download the file say 2-3 years from now if needed? Or for future security, should I get the dvds again if I want several year reinstall ability?

Thank you

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There isn't a way to burn a DVD from the digital download. However, if you purchase digital download, you will be emailed a product key that will work for as long as you have a copy of the sim + internet access. :)

In general I recommend digital download because it is instant gratification, and many computers (laptops, Macs, etc) no longer include a disc drive which is required to unlock the sim with DVDs. If you have a slow or inconsistent internet connection though, DVDs are the way to go.

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