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I am trying to decide which one I should buy.
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Hi all!
I recently ordered too many of FSX Steam edition software packages to sell on my website. I usually sell them at the normal retail price of $22.50 but since I have [I]WAY[/I] too many, I figured I'd discount them like crazy and see how many I can clear out of inventory in a week. Anyway, I just have 7 left in stock and I don't get another shipment for awhile now. If ya'll want to grab one, for yourself or a friend, they're $9.99 each. First come, first serve. :)

Here's the link to the product page: http://www.pilotresourcesandmore.com/store/p36/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_X%3A_Steam_Edition_(Boxed_Steam_Code).html"]http://www.pilotresourcesandmore.com/store/p36/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_X%3A_Steam_Edition_(Boxed_Steam_Code).html[/URL]

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If you want a set of DVDs and do not mind paying for them to be shipped to you or waiting for them to arrive, then order the DVD version.

If you do not want a set of DVDs (or don't have a disc drive to use them with) then buy the digital version.  Of course, you will need a reliable internet connection to be able to use the Digital version.

Other than how they're installed, there's no difference between the DVD and digital download version. They both include all the scenery, aircraft, updates, etc.
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When you write: "you will need a reliable internet connection to be able to use the Digital version", do you mean that the software cannot be used offline after the installation ?

If a permanent connection is required, what is the advised rate in MB ?

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