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with great enthusiasm I use since the beta version in November 2017 X-Plane 11.
So far, the program ran smoothly. Since the last update to the current version 11.01r2, there are errors in some graphics. Thus violet points and lines are displayed on mountains. These errors occur only when you select the view near the aircraft. If the view is removed from the aircraft, the graphic is again fault-free. For clarity, I recorded a short film, in which the errors become clear.
The error also occurs when I minimize all graphics settings to minimum. Even with a complete reinstallation of the program, the presentation remained faulty.

The error occurs with the following aircraft:
MD-82, Beechcraft Baron 58, Cessna Skyhwk, Cirrus Vision SF50, King Air C90, Sikorsky S-76C, Lockheed SR-71, Cessna Skyhawk (Floats).

The graphics are fault-free on the following aircraft:
Boeing 737-800, Boeing 747-400, ASK21, F-4 Phantom II.

My computer has the following data:
Intel Core i7-4790K, 4x4.0 GHz, 8 MB L3 cache
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, 4GB (MSI Gaming 4G), drivers up-to-date
Microsoft Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit

Do you have an idea how to solve the graphics problem?

Thank you


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Some rendering issues were fixed for 11.02b1. You could try updating to the beta to see if it's any better.

Otherwise, please be more specific: what location are you at? What is the exact name of the view you picked? What are your exact rendering settings? Please attach a log.txt and a screenshot of the issue.
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Thank you very much! With the new beta, the representation is error-free.