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My Autogen City for Vancouver no longer appears, so I am wondering why.  Can you please give a brief outline of:

1. How Autogen works?

2. Does Autogen cover the whole world?

3. Can Scenery or Libraries or Utilities or Plugins (anything else?) prevent Autogen from appearing?

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Love X-Plane!

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X-Plane’s automatically generated scenery (“autogen”) is unique among simulators. It uses data provided by OpenStreetMap to build scenery based on real world features, such as roads and bodies of water, instead of randomly arranging static scenery tiles.

It should cover the whole world, but is mostly visible in urban areas or where buildings are generally located. Addons can definitely affect it. Make sure you set the "number of world objects" slider to a fairly high setting to see a lot of it in X-Plane 11. (Keep in mind it is limited by CPU, and the other graphics settings are cumulative with it.)

I only have default scenery installed and saw a lot of buildings around CYVR.