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Garmin 430 has failed to engage in last few Carenado PA46 flights.  Today I entererd waypoints BAHMA & PADUS in brief flight MYBS to ILS approach to MYGF runway 06.  Triggering AP after take off had no effect on VS and had to save flight at wave tops for manual climb, during which preset VS to target 2500' suddenly activated.  Programmed heading to BAHMA never activated, had to hand fly.  Just shy of BAHMA, normal Garmin indication of impending fix received, but course not changed.  Manually set heading for PADUS, where same impending arrival at fix was indicated, but again, no course change.  Reset altitude for 1000' with descent and both normally accomplished.  False ILS capture indicated (still had to provide manual course corrections).  Flew approach waiting for GS capture.  When PAPI went all white, forced steep manual descent to 06, overriding Garmin AP, then turnings same off, to a sloppy landing.  

Are others experiencing this?  Is an X-Plane 10 reload in order, or is there another solution?



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