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does X-Plane 11 from steam its the same of the original web site got same updates and everuthing normal its the same thing they get the same version,s and etc
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Hi all!
I recently ordered too many of FSX Steam edition software packages to sell on my website. I usually sell them at the normal retail price of $22.50 but since I have [I]WAY[/I] too many, I figured I'd discount them like crazy and see how many I can clear out of inventory in a week. Anyway, I just have 7 left in stock and I don't get another shipment for awhile now. If ya'll want to grab one, for yourself or a friend, they're $9.99 each. First come, first serve. :)

Here's the link to the product page:"][/URL]

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Hi, everything has already been answered many times on this forum :

Note that the last update, 11.02r1, was available at the same time for Steam users, because Laminar Research was particularly confident about its stability.

PS : I looked for "Steam" in the search box to find this topic.

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