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Thank you for your opinion and experience exchange. The X52 Pro I already use and it's pretty great especially by its price vs. use.

But as a fan of flight simulators you will understand that theWarthog set is looking like a dream you wonna realize - anytime.

Back to the config file you mentined. Think I don't understand correctly... did you created that file or if it is shipped with X11 where can I find it, on DVD or folder?

Thanks in advance!
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Hi all!
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All joystick configuration files are in the main folder > resources > joystick configs. This file just means that if you use the joystick with X-Plane, the settings screen will have images of it, and some button mapping and assignments so you don't have to everything yourself. 

This file is incomplete because X-Plane can't use switch input yet (we have an open bug to fix this sometime). So the buttons, axes and hat switches can be used, but not the bulk of the switches on the throttle unit. 

The blue dots in the picture below show what has been assigned in the default config file. If you purchase the Warhog and want to make your own config file you can see the guidelines here and even submit it to us to include in an update.

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Thanks a lot for your time and detailled reply!!