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I downloaded the installer for xp11 from the xp website - I've tried three times to get a full version downloading. I have a license key from a xp10 to xp11 upgrade. 

I keep seeing the message in the attached image.

All my specs are up to scratch, I'm running the installer as admin and the firewall is not blocking the installer exe in the xp folder.

I first tried activating xp11 from the installer with my key - that was the first time I saw this error. I had an existing xp10 install in c:\games\xplane10, thought maybe that was affecting so I deleted it. 

I then installed the xp11 demo folder to the root of C (which i've since found isn't a good idea,) and the sim booted fine - told me the demo was unlocked and would I like to complete the install. Back to installer, same error message.

I'm now halfway through putting a demo xp11 install on the desktop - maybe the proper path will sort it out - but I thought I'd get this question up in case I'm barking up the wrong tree.

Everytime I try to activate from the installer I get this message without fail, yet the demo installed, unlocked but won't download any more data. Any help appreciated - looking forward to seeing the new version in action.



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update : the installer finished to the desktop. Still trying to complete the installation when prompted in game, i now get a different message - "errrors updating scenery, some may not be usable. contact blah, blah. It's still telling me that it transferred a partial file.

Attached the install log as it seems to fail on some file that it can't download.

imageDownload file


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Hi Dan,

Are you still having problems with this? I put the URL listed in the log into my browser and was able to download the file. Do you have any other programs running that could affect your internet connection? VPN, etc?
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Thnx 4 the reply jroberts  - actually I meant to update this problem as fixed.

I started xp11 yesterday - thought I'd have another shot at the installer and it worked. Picked half the scenery, installed it and it's since started again to update.

Must have been a problem on the other end for a couple of days? If it's was a busy time for the server I ran the installer about 10am Australian Central standard time - other than that I did nothing different at all.

Anyway all is well, enjoying the sim!