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I repeat it was an error for No Directory Found for a scenery file.  I am installing from a just purchased DVD Set.  I was almost finished installation .  I was on disc # 6 when the Error screen appeared. Also I couldn't click on the CONTINUE Button, the screen just FLASHED, and nothing happened.  Do I have a faulty DVD Set ?

I am so disappointed.... I've been looking forward to using this software. I even bought a New Gladiator XB Sim Joystick..... PLEASE HELP

Thank You,

Greg Janusz,

User Name : Gregdrum


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Hi Gregdrum

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but it might worth downloading the demo version of X-Plane 11 from LR's website to see if this works?

If it does work, then that will rule out any issues with PC hardware and you should then be able to run X-Plane 11 by making sure that you DVD disc 1 is in the DVD ROM tray at all times. If you have purchased a genuine DVD set from LR, then disc 1 should provide the necessary product licence key to keep running X-Plane 11.

If the downloaded demo version doesn't work for some reason, then you'll need to double check your PC specification at least, to see if it meets LR's minimum requirements?

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Is there a “X-Plane Installer Log.txt” log file to indicate the failure?

The file is written on Windows’ desktop by the Installer (digital install), though I myself have never run the DVD Installer, hence can’t be sure.  The Demo Install which Greengolfer mentioned above will definitely produce a log file.  Attach it here and perhaps some experts can help you.

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To GreenGolpher15..... Thank You So Very Much for your quick reply to my question.  I shall follow your instructions and hope that all will work out.  Again my Thanks for your help..  

All The Best


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