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Hi! I need help here. Thanks in advance! Since 2 days ago, when I open my XP11(latest version), no matter which plane I choose, all the views(shift+8 or shift+9) became tilted in that direction. I don't know where I can set it back to normal. I tried to disabled all the plugins including X camera or xEnviro, but this persisted. Any input is appreciated!!

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Problem solved!! I don't know why the "Rotation offset was set to 39.39". I didn't touch it!!

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Hi, try if deleting (or moving for backup) "X-plane 11/output/preferences" folder solves the problem.
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Thanks! I tried. However, there is file missing or being replaced so I could not open X-plane later to fly.

But, I found what was wrong. I don't know why the "rotation offset was being set to 39.39". I don't know why because I didn't touch it.

Anyway, problem solved and thanks again for answering me!!

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