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I have been playing around with v11 beta. I have not been able to manage getting a wing view of the plane. It is not available under External view options.

According to some videos on YouTube I've seen on v10 people would just do SHIFT+9 for 3D cockpit, then "Walk" through the wall and up next to the wings. However with v11 there is an invisible wall stopping you from doing that.

Did anyone manage a wing view on v11 as of yet? Please let me know.

I strongly suggest that hopefully wing view both sides comes in an official update for v11.

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1. Many of the default aircraft's cockpits have an invisible bounding box around them which doesn't let the camera "leave" the pit in order to move your view outside/to the wing. however, older aircraft may still support this. (I tried this on the default B738 -- can't get the camera 'head' outside in order to save the Quicklook) However I was successful with the 3rd party EADT x737 for example...

.. so yes it can be done, but the aircraft may not allow you to do this.

2. QuickLook's aren't being saved right now for some reason. I can pan and save shift-6 position, then '6' brings it back up -- but this isn't surviving restarts yet (yah yeah yeah, i'll file a bug report!) ;) i.e. nothing is being written to the ACF_prefs.txt text config file which normally saves the __iql__quicklook variables.

- CK.
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Yup as of now I am still having fun with my 737-800 and as you had said the bounding box stops me from walking through the cockpit door into the invisible cabin to reach the wings.

What I do instead is, SHIFT+6 as you said and then get in from the back, however it is not ideal because you cannot get in up close to the wing so, I just get into the closest point and zoom in the wing. I hope folks at X-Plane puts an extra entry under "External" or "Internal" for that matter that says "Wing view".

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The invisible wall can be removed. Go to the specific plane folder and look for the cockpit (OBJ) file. Open it with any text editor and delete the "ATTR solid camera" line. Save the change and that's it!