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About xp11 default cessna 172.

I thought the garmin430 was working with the 2nd cdi. But when I tune a vloc freq in it, standby or active, the 2nd cdi needle doesn't react, it stays centered in its display...

Is the 430 linked with this cdi?

if not,, how this cdi can be used? And what is the use of a 2nd gps?

I'm very new to this nav business, so I apologize if this is too a simple question...

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Hi, indeed, only one of the 2 garmins can be used as a source for the C172 autopilot. The second one is there so that you can display something else without disturbing the autopilot.
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Thanks amelingu!

Well, after digging a lot, I've found that the 2nd cdi may be linked to the garmin430:

On the 430, just click and hold  the cancel button for a couple of seconds. Then click menu and there you are supposed to have the possibility to link the 430 to the cdi (you can toggle between manual and auto).

You can then use the garmin430 as the nav2 in combination with the 2nd cdi to prepare for the next vor or anything...

As I wrote, I'm very new to all this, but it worked for me...