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I have tried to add a DME to the default C-172 in XP11 using XP11 Plane Maker.  And failed miserably.

All the videos and manuals that I have seen,  seem to use XP10 or earlier versions, which are completely different. In XP11 Plane Maker the XP11 default C-172 2d panel is blank and no instruments are listed. In the 3d panel only very few instruments are listed and the panel is unrecognizable.

What can I do to install a DME into the default C-172 in XP11?  Are there any detailed instructions available on how to add/change/resize/move instruments in XP11 airplanes using XP11 Plane Maker?

Thank you for any help!

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Couldn't you find the answer in this article?

The 2D panel is not modelled in the default C172, so you would have to do everything yourself.

For the 3D panel, I think it's a very long process to edit that and I'm not 100% sure, but it might require some coding.

In the meanwhile, a good work around would be to use NAV1 DME on  the GNS530,

And the NAV2 DME could be simulated with a "Direct to", the D with the arrow, on the GNS430. You would get a GPS DME.
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Thank you for your reply!

Using the GNS 530/430 as a DME substitute is NOT what I wanted.  In flight looking a a regular DME indicator with its larger numbers displayed, is much more comfortable than searching for the distance on the GNS's displays and having to use the "Direct to" function.

In addition, I wanted to see if there is an easy way to modify the default C-172 panel.  Looks like this is no longer the case  in XP11.

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Also, you are more likely to find some help for that on forum...