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I would like to use autopilot and flightlevelchange-mode. How can I set the climb speed? On garmin I see always 120 knots, but I can't find any knob to change this value.

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Rafal Z

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Hi, I don't have this payware aircraft myself, but does it work, if in FLC mode, you scroll the wheel up or down, on the autopilot panel, next to IAS and VS buttons..?

Then you have to set the throttle properly

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PS : check if any youtube video can help and if you notice a bug, you should report that to vFlyteAir developers.
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Thank You, I see I have expressed myself unclear. I didn't meant vertical speed, i meant throttle. Cirrus vision isn't payware, it's the default model in X-Plane11. Over the speed display on Garmin (I don' t know if this is Garmin, it seems like Garmin) you can see the speed that the autothrottle should hold. Even this value I want to change.

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Rafal Z
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Ok, I will have a look now then.
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Sorry it's me, I understood SR20, although you did write down Cirrus Vision.

So I just tested it and it works as I said.

In FLC mode, if you want to change your vertical speed, you have 2 options :

-Adjust your throttle

-Adjust your target speed with the scroll wheel, which is just on the left hand side of the FLC button on the autopilot panel.

For the scroll wheel to have an effect on the target speed, FD and FLC need to be activated.
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Yes, you're right, I was too fixed on holding vertical speed, as it is when you fly without flc, i didn't tried to move the scroll wheel while flc was on! Thanks very much, tomorrow I will try it out.

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Rafal Z