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I've been playing X-Plane 11 for a while now, and unless I load a flight from the carrier, or landing on the carrier, it is an impossible thing to find. I cannot see it on the map (even when I'm on the carrier) and more importantly I cant see it on any instruments. Is there any way, or any way in the future development of the game, that I can find the carrier? If nothing shows it, does it even spawn? I only ask the question because I believe it was on the map in X-Plane 10, and I could find it with ease but in X-Plane 11 it is proving difficult. Any help would be appreciated, many thanks.

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Aircraft carriers were dropped from them map in the redesign for X-Plane 11. I have filed a feature request to possibly bring it back in a later update.
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we have 11.26 now and still they are not on the map :(