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Here's a link to a video of the flickering. This happens every time, in-flight and also on the main menu. My computer is a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. It's not the best I know, but hopefully there is a solution for this.

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Does the external camera induce extra-visual artifacts, or does it show exactly what you see?
One think is for sure, you will not get a satisfying experience with your table/laptop hybrid. I've read in a French review that the screen is badly handled, so I am not sure this can be solved by adjusting X-plane settings.

That being said, your computer just meets the minimum required hardware specifications :

BUT, your 13.3" screen has a HUGE amount of pixels : 3300x1800
Of course, all your graphic settings should be at the minimum, and you should try a HD resolution (1024x780) or similar. You could also try a window mode, and adjust the window size so that it only covers a third of your screen.

Make sure your video card driver is up to date.

If this doesn't help, maybe the problem has already been reported by other owners of this laptop, with other softwares, and there is a chance you can find the answer on other forums.

To finish with, a video you might be interested to watch, made by someone who specifically sells computers for X-plane :

Best regards,
Guillaume AMELINE (not affiliated with Laminar Research or any other company)
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Thank you for your answer. The screen behaves exactly like it does on the video. I've tried various resolutions and they didn't fix it. I'll just wait for a decent PC and buy X plane 11 for real. Can you recommend me a good graphics card? Will an Nvidia 690 do the trick?
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Well, it's a tricky question and it mainly depends on your budget. I know have a GTX970, I5 CPU and I don't feel the need to change it.

If I were to buy a new gaming computer today, I would probably aim at a GTX1070 for a balanced computer at aroung 1000 €, or I would wait until Nvidia releases their next GPU, which would probably make the GTX1080 more accessible, with watercooling.

All together, it is a very personal choice and both links I previously gave you should help you make your mind.

For the display, I would probably stick to a big full HD screen, but maybe you can consider 4K.