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I find it extremely difficult to take off the cessna skyhawk seaplane (floats) from the surface of the lake water. Speed does not move up to 40 kt and beyond, regardless wich direction I go. Following the waves, it speeds up a little bit but far from take-off speed. Its like a lame duck. Any tricks? would be grateful, Christian

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Try 10 deg flap, stick forward to keep nose down, take-off 56Kn.  Still requires quite a long run.  Don't forget to raise flaps after about 300' of altitude!  Cheers.
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does’nt work. It simply does’nt exceed 40 kn. Went every direction, also close to the lake shore. I did manage on another lake previously, but this time (on Yellowstone Lake) any attempt failed. It cannot be that way in reality?