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How can i completely stop a seaplane in the water in x plane 11, like at a dock or just sitting in the water at any lake,  even if the engine are shut off the seaplane plane keeps moving.  The seaplane  I'm talking about is the            Cessna 272sp seaplane or any other seaplane that I bring up from x plane 11, x plane 10  is ok the seaplanes don't do this. I have searched the web looking for an comment,  I have found one answer to put the water rudders down which do not stop the seaplane.   The only way I have found to stop the seaplane  on water is go the Instructor station and push the ground speed slider all the way to left, but than after that I can't take off with the Cessna 172sp seaplane again till put the ground speed back to 1.0 again.. I have also tried doing a new preferences folder, the problem is still the same. I hope I have given enough information. THANK YOU HAVE A NICE DAY. LLC
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Drop the anchor. Search key bindings and you should find it.