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I have x-plane 10. I bought him in steam for 1.5 years ago. And I would use x-plane 11. I heard that those who have x-plane 10 can play x-plane 11 too. Can I use x-plane 11 for Free or no?

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No, this offer only applied to those who bought X-plane 10 in the last months of 2016, when X-plane 11 was about to be released.
Guillaume AMELINE
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Hi sergeyomsk,

In addition to the answer from Guillaume, I offer the following comments.

Neither of us are associated or affiliated with Laminar Research.  

The X-Plane steam version is a third party product developed by a company taking a commercial advantage of the development work carried out by Laminar Research (LR).  This company created a disc version of XP before LR released the official disk versions.

LR has no connection with the steam developers.  Generally LR provides no support to the Steam users.  The only sure support you may get is from fellow X-Plane (Steam) users.

Purchase XP 11 from LR and support the developer.