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Its pretty clear that a buying a digital copy of X-plane 10 will give me a X-plane 11 copy when released. But the question is, will further X-plane 10.1  + 10.2  updates per example be included for free also?

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Hi windexter,

I am a flight simmer like you and have no connection with Laminar Research (LR).

The latest X-Plane 10 version is 10.51 and I understand there will be no more upgrades to XP10 before and once XP11 is released.

When LR progressively upgraded/provided a new  XP10 version through to 10.51 there was no ability to go backwards.  his has been the situation for some time.  My original purchase was XP10.25.  The "no backward step" is also spelt out in other Q&A questions within this forum.  Sorry, can't provide the reference/link.  Your current and only choice is to retain what you have or upgrade to version 10.51.

As a sideline issue, XP11 will not over-ride XP10 when loaded onto your PC. It is a completely different concept/development. You will have two versions allowing you to switch between XP10 and XP11 when you so desire.

In other Q&A questions in this forum the addons and or plugins you have for XP10 will work for XP11.

Hope this helps.

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Dear Glenn,

Perhaps I didn't explain myself properly. My truly question is that the updates for version 10 from my understanding been free. Buying now the 10th version and later on upgrading to the 11th would still give me the right to upgrade my 11th version for free?

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Hi windexter,

The way I interpret the payment for a dual version of XP10 and XP11 is that you are placing an order or expression of interest for XP11 and LR are providing a copy of XP10 to those flight simmers wanting to move into XP immediately.

Like XP10 I would expect that upgrades for XP11 would be free as and when they are released.

I am also of the opinion the flight simmers who changed from XP9 to XP10 had to pay for the upgrade.

For those flight simmers who were and still remain dedicated to the microsoft pakages had to purchase the newer versions from say FS2000 to FS2002 to FS2004 and finally to FSX.  I know I did.  I acquired the packages when they were replaced with the newer version or two.

If still not convinced have a look at the following link

This may help.