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I have recently bought X Plane 11 and so far have loved it. My only complaint is that many times, for no reason the default 737-800 will roll randomly left. When using LNAV the plane will bank sharply left when it is supposed to follow course (as set by the FMC) to the right, or even when it is supposed to fly straight and level. I find when I pause the simulator then resume it often is fixed and LNAV is back to normal. In my last flight although I entered a heading in heading select which was about 10 degrees to the right, turned off LNAV, then hit Heading Select. The plane suprisingly banked very steeply left and would not respond to any control inputs (even after AP disengaged) from my Saitek Pro Flight Yoke. Checking in settings after, I found my yoke was calibrated as usual and there was no failures set up at all. This problem is very annoying and I cannot do a full flight if this problem keeps acting up. It is almost as if the plane has a mind of its own, by not responding to controls and not following LNAV correctly.

Is there something I don't know about setting LNAV in a 737, or perhaps something about flying a 737 I am not aware of?

Or is this just a glitch or problem with the simulator?

Has anyone else experienced this?

Any advice is appreciated!



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I have this problem too.  Mine is the zibo 737, never the less it is based on the stock 737.  So I'm guessing the game becomes corrupted.  Planes do not bank to compensate crosswind, they simply fly a compensated heading to maintain the course desired.  Simply put, crabbing.  So what the flight director is doing here is messed up.  I can't even figure out why it is doing it.  

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Hi Ethan,

Are you sure that when it was 10 degrees out it wasn't a compensation for wind. Just a thought although 10 degrees is a lot for wind compensation. I don't know what this could be sorry.
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planes don't compensate for wind with bank.  They fly a heading to achieve their course.
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Hi Ethan, do you still have this problem with X-plane 11.05r2? If yes, can you try and delete (or move for backup) X-plane 11/Output/Preferences folder?
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I have the same issue, 11.11r2