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I still have the Custom Scenery/Aerosoft - LFPG Paris CDG/ but it's empty.....My friend that has the game through steam still has the scenery and it looks way better. I landed at LFPG and the taxiway's were all broken and there were no terminals or gates. Please see the video link and any suggestions on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

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You should run the updater (and maybe activate beta).

A new scenery of LFPG made by the artist Litjan is now replacing the Aerosoft scenery which is too old and not accurate. It is currently placed in "custom scenery" folder by the updater until X-plane 11.05 is out (should be in a few weeks).

X-plane 11.05 will countain a global update of the default scenery.

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I solved it by editing the scenery.ini file. I don't have the updater because I bought it on steam. I even re-installed the game and that didn't correct it. So devs if you're looking at this post the scenery.ini file in the custom scenery is broken please fix it so I don't have to go in and edit it.
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Great, thanks for your feedback. Deleting that file should have solved the problem too.
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You're probably right but I had ksfo and kdfw scenery in there I didn't want to mess up.