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I dont know why this suddenly happened as this area was working fine before. The problem persists with the 11.05 and even the 11.10b8. If I remove my all my addon sceneries the area loads. I can go anywhere else in the world with no issue. The error log says its the xp11 default scenery that the issue but I re-downloaded it and it still insists its the problem. I searched the default scenery for this tile and xp loads with water in the area and prompts me to download the missing tile. Using a 3rd party mesh doesnt help either. It like if I add anything scenery with that tile I get an error.

0:00:29.246 I/FLT: Init dat_p0 type:loc_tak apt:CYYZ rwy:24L
0:00:29.575 E/SCN: ***Error with scenery file "+44-080.dsf" (io_dsf.cpp:566.)***
0:00:29.575 E/SCN: The terrain file 'lib/g10/terrain10/urban_tmp_wet_prk1.ter' could not be loaded.

0:01:18.204 E/SYS: | Error loading the scenery package: Global Scenery/X-Plane 11 Global Scenery/

0:01:18.204 E/SYS: | X-Plane cannot run with this package installed - You may need to reinstall X-Plane.
0:01:18.204 E/SYS: | Please see the log.txt file for detailed error information.
0:01:18.204 E/SYS: |
0:01:18.204 E/SYS: | (io_dsf.cpp:566)

I have added 2 logs. one is when the issue started and the other is when i removed every custom scenery from around that tile/region and removed the offending tile from the default scenery folder and added a 3rd party mesh

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I can confirm I have  no errors or issues loading scenery at CYYZ with full scenery installed on a default, clean install.

My guess is it's one of the add ons trying to do something illegal, like reference a library not inside themselves. To find the culprit with this many mods, you might try divide and conquer: remove all the scenery to confirm it goes away. Add half of it back and check if the error returns or not. If not, swap for the other half. Keep taking about half the add ons away until you can figure out which one is the problem.
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thx i, found the issue doing what you said. It turned out to be a 3rd party library that was corrupted.