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Hello I just upgraded xp from 11 to 11.02 and I have several problems. When xp runs up to the left the various messages from FlyWithLua appear and up to the right tells me FlyWithLua stoped. But the worst thing of all is that when xp loads the next message : Couldn`t load the sound bank! Master [veh_planes_read.cpp: 2332], and xp stops working, and never again has worked again. Before updating it worked perfectly. It's a shame.

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Hi, strange.

Can you include your log.txt? I don't think I can help you because I'm not from Laminar Research, but the log.txt is an important piece of information.

I would advise you to run the updater again, and/or try to activate beta in the update process.

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Last update xp v1.02 crash