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Just 1 hour ago, X-Plane advised me to make an update; that is what I did.  Since then, the program crash and I cannot use it anymore.  I get this message :

Be advised

Null texture-how?

ref = 335

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Here is a copy of my log.txt x-plane file after crashing with latest update


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Can you please attach a copy of the log.txt from the main X-Plane folder after you get this crash?
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I actually just recreated this crash. If you have a second monitor set to display the 2d panel and you try to start a new flight it causes this.

There could be other reasons too, but this is the one I found so far.
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I have the same problem after this last update?
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Just in case, there was a problem with recent Windows 10 update and multi-screen configurations https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4009938/january-10-2017-kb3213986-os-build-14393-693
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As mentioned by jroberts and thatwasplanned, this is a multiscreen issue. To fix it, you must select "Unused" in the Monitor 1 drop-down list (settings/graphics/monitor configuration/) BEFORE you exit X-Plane.
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Monitor 1 set to "unused" cured crashing resulting from latest update (12 Jan 2017 +/-)
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I don't know if this is the right answer, but this is what I've found with Beta updates.  When you run the installer, it creates a new X-plane application in your directory.  You have to make sure you use the newest version to run XP 11.  I always delete the "older" file and use the newest one.  

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The installer should not be creating a new, duplicate executable in your folder. If it is, and you are using the latest version--4.01r1--please file a bug report with more details

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Bug report filed.  It did it again today!

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