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Hello, I've been 2 month trying to fix this problem, and I've sent some "bug reports" and Laminar Researsh only answered me two of them, saying  that I must update my x-plane11.

1- I have the X-plane 11.02, (the last update)
2- my joystick is new and it's good calibrated
3- I know very well what kind of corrections I must to do when the torque is applied in the helicopters or some other aircrafts .
But please, Who can explain me this?

centred controls imageDownload file
correction cyclic right applied
with AP and centred controls  

Without AP, I have to move the  colective at right and mantain it to fly stright and leveled (it's very unconfortable) And imposible to do a flight IFR. 
With AP, the helicopter flys ok while you want to do some small corrections, but if you want to make a turn more than 15º left roll angle, the helicopter moves  in a estrange way and you'll can't get the desired angle of roll.
If I let the helicopter fly without any correction applied in the cyclic, in less of 3 second the helicopter will be rolled left more than 90º roll left.

It also happens with the default Beechcraft C90

Please , I don't know waht to do. I'm thinking about reclaim my money and give back the game.

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To me it's a normal behaviour.. i would suggest you use trims to adjust your neutral position in every phase of the flight..

Does this help?
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Hello and thank you for your answer. In a real helicopter is normal to do some little corrections in the cyclic and the pedals when you apply/reduce power or change the flight conditions. But in this case i think that it's excesive correction. I can use the  simulator's "roll trim" but this is not a real procedures in a helicopter. And in my opinion flying with  the joystick right position all the time is not sane. The normal (with this helicopter) is:  with  "force trim" switch on, adjust the attitude with "beep trim" hat switch to little corrections or press and mantain the force-trim release button while moveing the cyclic to the desired position and release the button to change the attitudes more than 15° of roll. But X-plan11 doesn't have this last option.
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Can you try if reducing exponential makes it more realistic?

I suspected too, the lack of more trim options, to fly helicopters, but not being a real helicopter pilot myself, I lack references and experience to describe precisely what to expect.

Maybe you could also file a bug report to send that suggestion to Laminar Research :

PS : have you ever tried the Huey on DCS? Is the trim system more realistic?

Best regards,
Guillaume (not affiliated with Laminar Research)
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Hi Guillaume , how can i reducing exponential?

I did the instrumental course with a S76, and it's an amazing heliopter, very confortable to pilot. It has 4 axis autopilot, which is a wonder. I don't know why Laminar Research didn't make it more realistic (at least the system of trim fully). I've sent 4 or 5 "bug report" about this and they haven't responsed me.
On the other hand, I've never tried the Huey on DCS, but  I'd like it.
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To adjust exponential, in the joystick settings, click on "control sensibility" in the bottom left corner.  You can then adjust neutral amplitude and axis response. Everything at zero seems quite good to me at the moment. . But I haven't tried the helicopter recently. No access to my computer at the moment.

I think it's very lucky to have some feedback from a real helicopter pilot. Hopefully your bug reports will be taken into account in the next updates. Let's be patient :)
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ok, thank you, I've been testing the helicopter with diferents settings of "control responses" and "stability augmentation". In my opinion the best setting in my simulator and with my joystick (saitek x52) , is everything 0 in control responses, and  50% in stability augmentation. I talked with a member of Laminar Research and he told me that he'll look into about this problem. It's posible that the left roll   tendency is normal, and the problem is the trim system.  I'm going to make a sumary about how the autopilot system work in this model. I hope that they fix it.
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Fantastic! I can't wait for the improvements :) Thank you so much for your efforts !!