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At sunrise and sunset, sun reflects through buildings, mountains, earth,...

A few examples where the sun or its reflection are totally unrealistic, or when there are two different reflections mixed together (?)

Here it is not possible to see the sun's reflection on the river as buildings hide it.

Sun completely hidden by mountains and clouds, but reflection visible:

Here the sun has not yet risen and we see it in a lake (?) or is it a reflection on the water (?):

Also, I don't have screenshots here but when the sun goes behind a mountain, we still see the long reflection in the sea. That's not possible in reality.

And in this example, how the orange tone can be seen on our side of the engine while the sun is completely on the other side? 

So, is there something we can do about it or is the engine for the sun reflection completely buggy?

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We have an open bug to look at the sun reflection issue. I have added a link to this post for your additional examples.
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Thank you ;-)