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Currently I have XP1105r1 installed.

When it becomes dark the sky above the horizon gets darker and darker, but an illuminated area moves from the horizon towards the airplane over the Earth's surface.. This can be be seen at high altitudes. For VFR flying at low altitudes the lighting is normal.

This area gets smaller and smaller when the time gets later and at the end, just before complete darkness, the area is just an illuminated spot below the aircraft while the rest of the Earth and horizon are completely dark. So in that way it seems that the sunlight comes from the center of the Earth and not from the horizon.

This behavior makes flying in dusk not very realistic.

Some screenshots:

imageDownload file

imageDownload file


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May I add this also? 

The sun has not yet risen but part of it is visible under the horizon.

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Seems ok in my opinion.
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TBH it looks like there is a low altitude layer of cloud just above the horizon and what you are seeing here is the sun below the cloud layer and also above the cloud layer. Personally I think it looks fine.
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Yes, this looks really normal.

But when it becomes darker and the sky above the horizon is black, there is still a bright area visible which is not ok.

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Replying to CaileanNZ who obviously does not live on the same planet or think that I'm not smart enough to see the difference bewteen earth and the cloud layer. It's a bug !!! Amazing that I need to post a video to explain obvious things:

It's clearly a hole in the ground and my mesh is OK and the .ini file has been refreshed. So...

No way it could be a reflection on a lake as the sun has not yet appeared !