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I just bought an Alienware R2 1060 6GB VRAM 16gb RAM, Latest Xplane 11 running on SSD and it crashes sporadically.

Please can you have a look at my log file and let me know what is wrong?

Sim runs perfectly fine, besides the crashes. Really annoying on long haul flights.

imageDownload file

Crashes 3 times today on 3 different flights. 2 whilst in the air, and one on ground

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Hi, just an idea.. can you try an older GPU driver? There has been many reports recently, with incomprehensible crashes when using GTX1060 or GTX070. Can you report if it solves the problem?
Guillaume (not affiliated with Laminar Research)
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I just updated to the latest version and the same happened, 4 hours into flight.


Log file attached.


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And what about a 2-4 months old GPU driver? Don't really know if it's easy to find, though..