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I saved a flight at the end of the runway at KSFO 1R, ready to take off. When I returned and loaded the "saved" situation it put me where I left but with the cockpit turned off, engines running and the chokes and cones around the aircraft?. I had to reprogram everything, whats the point of saving?

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3rd party aircraft will (mostly) not work with saving situations. The reason why is very technical, it has to do with which daterefs (system parameters) will be saved in a situation file.

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I have the same problem and your response if baffling and too concise! More info please.

When loading a saved situation, especially when using the Oculus CV1, all I get is engines running parked at the end of the runway. The saved settings that I make before and during a flight, i.e. the FMC setup with the route etc and the various stages saved, i.e Before take off, top of climb and top of decent are completely none existent  

I am trying to get away from FSX where all aircraft situations can be saved and loaded without problems and without exception!  XP11 isn't making things easy and its a poor state of affairs if your customers are unable to use professionally produced payware aircraft effectively inside XP11. So it seems we are restricted to using XP's Heavy Metal aircraft. Not good enough!

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