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How do I assign one of my saved situations to the "Load situation 1" and "Load situation 2" slots in XPlane 11?  I'd like to set up my hot keys and/or joystick buttons like I previously did in Xplane10 to load a saved situation.  Thanks,

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Hi there!

I'm Tyler, the X-Plane developer in charge of the UI for X-Plane 11.

Support for loading a situation via command is missing from the current release of X-Plane 11. The upcoming X-Plane 11.10 will replace it—you'll be able to use the Load Flight window to bind a practically unlimited number of situations to keys or joystick buttons.

Until then, though, it's not possible. :(
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Thanks for the info Tyler. I have been looking for an answer to this question for a while.  So I assume loading situations from UDP is also not implemented in the current version of X-Plane 11?  There are 3 UDP commands shown in Commands.txt:

sim/operation/load_situation_1                     Load situation.
sim/operation/load_situation_2                     Load situation.

I have been racking my brain trying figure out how to use these commands.
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Correct—in 11.10, you'll be able to actually assign situations to the command "slots." Until then, though, neither the keyboard/joystick commands nor the UDP versions will be "wired" to anything.
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As of version 11.26, X-Plane still lacks the corresponding "save situation" commands.
Will they be released in a future version? I'd really love to have this feature.
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@sylvie, check the Load Flight screen.
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To assign it to a key, you can go to Settings > Keyboard and search for Load situation. then click in the blank box on the line then press the keys you want to assign. If you mouse over the line it will show the exact command name (like sim/operation/load_situation_2).

The process is pretty similar for joystick buttons--find the button you want, click the edit button, the search or scroll to the load situation command.
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Yeah.  The question wasn't how to assign "load_situation_x" to a key (or button).  The question is:  How do I assign a saved situation to "load_situation_x" (which serves as a variable name or placeholder) -- which can then be activated using the steps you outlined in your response (this part is pretty obvious, the new user interface is looking decent).  

Thanks.  I do realize it's not the most straightforward question to address given the names of the "load_situation" variables.
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Evidently this feature is not implemented in X-Plane 11 yet. It will be available in the 11.10 update.
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When is version 11.10 due out?
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11.05 just came out as a beta yesterday, but we hope to get the first beta of 11.10 out within weeks, not months. That's as specific as I can guess at the moment.