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First, I own two networked computers, both using Windows 10 OS.  I have installed and been using X-Plane 10 (two DVD licenses) with the second computer serving as the IOS.  It works just fine.

I recently purchased two licenses of X-Plane 11 and installed one on each of the two computers.  For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to make the second computer an IOS as described by my success with X-Plane 10.  I read in the manual that it can be done, but, not how to do it.  I combed through the menus of the installation and cannot figure it out.

I went to Michael Brown's looking for a video on how to do this.  He had a video for this for X-Plane 10, but, not X-Plane 11.  I've sent Michael emails asking this question and have gotten no response.  I bought the X-Plane 10 XForcePC system from Michael.

Can this be done in 11 and, if so, how?

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Hi there,

This was a feature of X-Plane 10 but was removed in X-Plane 11. There's no longer a particularly good reason to run the IOS on a second machine. (Unless you're out of monitor outputs on your primary machine!)

Previously, this was desirable because the IOS (and the X-Plane 10 map in general) was quite slow, so the performance hit from running the IOS on your main machine was In X-Plane 11, though, the performance hit should be minimal, so it's much cheaper (and easier, and more reliable) to just run it off the main machine.

Thus, in X-Plane 11, we expect people to run X-Plane in full screen on their main monitor, and (using the Settings > Graphics configuration) set a *secondary* monitor's usage to IOS.

With that said, if you really want to run the IOS on a separate physical machine, you should be able to do so by setting your second machine to act as an external visual, then going to Settings > Graphics on that second machine and settings its monitor usage to IOS.