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Well I have two computers set up to help Fran rates on triple monitors two separate copies of xplane 11 one on each computer when I go to network settings and put in which is master and the other one is external view it’s shows it’s pinging the other computer but next line down data sending but not receiving I have gone in gave permission in firewall both systems clicked on share files not sure why I can’t get this to work any ideas would be welcome

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Ok here is the problem. When you check the settings to see if the computers are talking it will show exactly what your seeing. You are interrupting the computers so that is why you are seeing the ping issue.

If you have entered the ip address of the master and visa versa both computers should be talking to each other.

Once you close this and return to the full view your computers will start communicating again.

I run two computers also. One runs my Avionics and the other runs the 3 to 5 monitors for visuals.

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