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I updated to the latest version last week (11.05r1) Everything went well. Could also start x-plane. Nothin wrong here.
Today, out of the blue, x-plane will not start.
When I run the installer and try to update x-plane it fails too. It says 'Permission denied'

Here are the last lines of the log file:
0:00:00.001 D/WIZ: Starting installer... opening wizard step "Main Menu - Existing Full Installation"
0:00:16.914 D/WIZ: Advancing from wizard step "Welcome" to "Welcome"
0:00:21.861 D/WIZ: Advancing from wizard step "Welcome" to "Pick Destination"
0:00:25.420 D/WIZ: Advancing from wizard step "Pick Destination" to "Check Servers"
0:00:26.602 D/WIZ: Advancing from wizard step "Check Servers" to "Scan Existing Files"
0:01:29.797 E/INS: Error processing D:\Program Files (x86)/X-Plane 11/X-Plane.exe: Permission denied. Perhaps you do not have access to a directory or file system (..\source_code\app\Installer-f\ins_tasks.cpp:1010)

Does someone know what to do?

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Hi, does it work if you move the whole X-plane folder to the desktop?