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Failed to start game (app already running)

Hi, I have this problem, first day was working fine, but now not, every time I use Xplane 11 Steam, at exit, the app still running for Steam, of course I cant launch again, and I cant close steam while Xplane is running, I have to use task manager for stop Steam and open it again

Checking Steam support, this is common issue when the game get silent crash (steam dont detect the game stop working) but in my case is not a crash, I stop playing using in menu "exit x plane 11¨in the main menu or in fly meny (default key I) but since 2 last days I get this issue every time

Ofcourse I already verify the game cache

I use Win 7 and some common XP 11 plugins,, Ivao app, FSeconomy, Python, x-camera, xPUIPC and SASL

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Ok this is really rare, but I finally find the reason (in my case) why steam still XP11 as running after I close it

Im using IVAO plugin, at start IVAP launch TeamSpeak2 for comunications, for any reason TS2 launched from XP11 is detected by steam as part of Xplane11, then steam still XP11 as running after I close it, because TS2 still running, whend I close TS2 steam inmediatly stop XP in game list, then steam can launch Xplane11 or any other game again
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Hi Blakord,

I am not with Laminar Research, just a flight simmer like you.

You will not get any support from Laminar Research, the original developers of X-Plane.  The Steam version is a third party product taking a commercial advantage of the development work carried out by Laminar Research.  Laminar Research has no connection with the Steam mob.  Steam released a disc versions before Laminar Research released their official disc version.

You may get some assistance from other flight simmers with your problem otherwise take your problem back to the Steam mob.

Good luck in solving your problem.

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Hi Glenn, I agree with you, but as Blakord said, he already contacted Steam about that problem, and it seems to me that this particular bug needs to be fixed by Laminar Research. So I understand why he is reporting that here.

That being said, the right procedure would be that Laminar research and Steam handle that together directly. So if you are already in contact with Steam, you should convince them to contact Laminar Research, as it seems to be a communication problem between two different softwares.

To finish with, this problem interestingly shows why it's always better to purchase from the developer and not via an intermediate seller. The more so as this silent crash is most likely to be generated by one of the third party addons, and there you go, even more developers involved.

All the best,

Guillaume AMELINE