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I need to set null zone for a slider on my Thrustmaster Warthog, which I'm using for speedbrakes, but this option was removed from X-Plane 11 (for reasons, I guess). I don't know about any other way to do it other then in Thrustmaster's software which is so inconvenient that I will just stop using the slider. So is there a way to set null zones in Xplane, in some settings pref file or something like that or am I just supposed to stop using my hardware the way I want because someone at Laminar decided that null zones are confusing or whatever?


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Hi, Indeed, it has been replaced with "stability augmentation".

Would a plugin like X-assign help you do what you want?
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X-Assign seems to only be working with XP10 but not XP11. And even if it worked/is updated I don't know if there's that functionality. I will try to mess with calibration in Windows and then I can start figuring out how to make Thrustmaster's T.A.R.G.E.T. make the throttle look as throttle to Xplane and not some completely unknown device when using custom profile. Thanks for suggestion.