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Using XP11.10 final, I cannot find the enable/disable button for resetting on a hard crash.  I thought it was under Settings > General.  Sorry, it's probably somewhere in the sim, but I can't remember and I saw nothing in the online manual about this. Thanks

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That's correct, there is no more option in the UI. You can use "safe mode":

Starting in Safe Mode

If X‑Plane detects that it crashed the last time it was run, then on the next start, you have an option to reset the rendering settings. If you reset the settings, you might avoid a crash on startup if the rendering settings were the cause of the initial crash. You may bring up the option to enter safe mode only if you start the sim with the shift key pressed down.

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Wait, are you talking about the sim crashing?  Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear.  I'm talking about when an aircraft hard crashes into the ground... the ability to enable or disable when the aircraft automatically re-opens on the nearest runway.  ?
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Ah, yes I thought you were asking about sim crashes. There is no option in general settings, but if you crash once in X-Plane 11.10, a popup will come up that has three options. You can continue with the wrecked flight, use new flight to open flight configuration to set up a new flight, and you can check a box to always reset flight immediately. If you check this last box, any time after that your crash will bypass this pop up and just reset to the nearest runway. Note that there is no way to change this setting once checked except by restoring default preferences.
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It would be wise to manually adjust the one parameter in the one preference file to revert back to the Continue/Start New pop-up, rather restoring default preferences across the board.  May I first ask which preference file contains this function, and what is the line of code?  I will then adjust.

As a matter of sensibility, this function should be a checkbox under Setting > General > Damage - this was the case with previous version with "Reset on Hard Crash" or similar.  Then we have power of choice at any time to go either way, without having to adjust something in, or toss, a preference file.  Doesn't that make the most sense?