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I am using the 8 DVD set for installation and no matter where I put X-Plane 11 or what permissions I use it always fails with a permission error on disk 3. The same one a lot of people have complained about.  Having to do with access to a directory.   I select continue with the idea of fixing it later and it fails there, too.  I really want to install this simulator but no matter what I try it fails miserably.  I am running Windows 10 Professional 64 bit and have more than enough hard drive (SSD) space, memory 32 GB and speed I7 processor.  I am changing nothing, default all the way.
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Your DVD is defective check it please if the issue still remain please mentioned me anytime

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Please attach a copy of the installer log.txt.

To see if the DVD is defective, please insert DVD 3 and navigate to it in the file browser window. Try to copy the entire X-Plane folder to the desktop. Post a comment with the results.
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DVD 3 is bad.  The following files refused to copy:









I did copy all disks to ensure there were no more bad ones and the rest copied fine. What is the next step?


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Hi Mike,

It sounds like it is defective. Where did you purchase the DVDs? If it was from (not .org) please email me a copy of the receipt (jennifer@x-plane dot com) and we'll start the process to ship you a replacement DVD.

If it was purchased from a different source, you will probably need to contact them and let them know you these steps you took to confirm you need a replacement.
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Eagle51... I'm sure this reply is way late but I'm hoping it may be helpful to someone else like me who found your question while searching the exact error as you experienced.

1) I had changed the install location to C:\Xplane (instead of the Desktop.)
2) While installing files from Disk 3, it failed and complained about permissions. 

*Note: I'm an old hack for a long time and took a lazy stab at it by changing the Xplane folder permissions to allow EVERYONE FULL CONTROL. After that, it pushed right through to the end. No burps no hiccups. :)

I'll change the permissions back to original after I get everything setup the way I want. It won't really be necessary since this computer never touches the internet and I'm the only one who knows.  LOL.