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Hi everyone,

I bought X Plane 11 (DVD Version, Windows 7) and tried to install it today. But about five minutes after starting the installation, an "Error 5:-3" message appeared, saying that one data could not be installed. I had the options to continue the Installation or to stop it. I tried to continue it, but the message appeared again after less than one second. I've already tried to copy the data of the CD on my Computer and it worked perfectly. Is there anybody who already knows the message and how to solve the problem?

Otherwise, I could try to contact the Support. Problematically, the "log.txt" data is required to send a report. But I guess it's hard to send it as long as x Plane is not installed. I already searched in the DVD files, but I couldn't find a log.txt data.Is there anybody who knows where to find this data? Or can I send a Report without sending this data?

Thank you very much for your help :)

EDIT: Instantly after I started the x Plane 11 installer, the message (I am German) "X- Plane 11 Installer.exe funktioniert nicht mehr" (which means "X-Plane 11 Installer.exe does not work anymore") appeared. I only had the option to press on "close the program" but after that, the installer started and worked normally (until my error appeared). Maybe that has any link to my real problem.

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