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I have updated XP to 11.02r1 and now I see two meshes together: the correct one with curved shapes and the very raw straight one.

What happened? How to solve that problem? Thank you

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I reply to myself.

I installed tons of HD Mesh version 3 from this is way the problem appears.
To refresh the scenery database, I have deleted the ini file and restarted XP twice.


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Sounds like add ons may have contributed to the issue. I have also seen distant artifacts like this when the visibility is set fairly low, so you can also try setting it higher to see if it helps with default scenery.
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Maybe you didn't notice it but I answered to myself 2 days ago ;-)
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I've been trying find whether anyone has commented on this, and that it's the orbital textures being drawn. I have a knack of not putting in the right search words!

My test is: start up at EGCK Caernarfon and set the weather manually to CAVOK preset, but then change visibility to 10 nm. "C" to leave the aircraft, SHIFT-up to gain a little height, then rotate to look at the Snowdonia mountains. You'll see the edge of the orbital scenery at 10 nm.  Climb further (takes awhile) and you'll reach a height where that edge starts to march off to the distance.

Others on the Org forums have suggested tweaking min dsf draw distance to 110000 and max to 150000 and it works for me!

Update 28 Aug: or rather it did. I downloaded the latest FlyWithLua and it (quite rightly) prevents access to private art DataRefs. So I mustn't go flying in realistic weather for now.

Is this a bug? If so, I'll look for where to report it, if it hasn't been already.

Incidentally, X-Plane 11 is very good!

X-Plane 11.05r1.

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Actually, the latest FlyWithLua "Complete" edition, not the "Core" edition, does allow these unsupported datarefs to be set.

But what's the correct solution?