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Hello guys, I hope you can help me:

If I use the Plane Maker in X-Plane 9 and go to "Standard" -> "Fuselage", then Plane Maker will automatically scale the created aircraft mesh over the entire length of the window. As seen here:

And sometimes I have to downscale the mesh or in other words simply zoom out to adapt the mesh to a background image. This also works perfectly fine in Plane Maker 9 as seen here:

The Problem now is that this zooming out does not work in the Plane Maker of X-Plane10 or even X-Plane11. Although I can enlarge the Mesh (zoom in) and zoom out again but just until the mesh fills the entire length of the window again. I can not zoom out any further, as I did in the PlaneMaker 9.

Does anyone know a solution?
Thank you

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I too have this problem. I can zoom in and then zoom out until the mesh is the length of the fuselage windows. Then I cannot zoom out any further. So I cannot make the mesh fit the length of the fuselage in the background image which includes the propeller spinner.

I have tried it in PlaneMaker in X-Plane 11.20 VR3 beta on Windows 10.
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I have this same problem on an iMac, OSX 10.13.6

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Note that in Windows 7 and Vista, there is a known issue with both X‑Plane and Plane Maker relating to the “Aero” desktop effects. This problem does not occur on all Windows 7 installations.Further details get most compatable work i also connect with writers at Dissertation Writing Service UK to makes perfect answer about this particular subject. The window that appears, go to the Compatibility tab and check the box labeled 3-d cockpit – each instrument is UV-mapped into the right location.