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Hello everybody,

I got a question concerning my new Hotas X56. I downloaded predefined profile from saitek site and from system tray icon defined this profile as default. Unfortunately while launching X-plane 11, looks like the profile is not loaded properly and all buttons from my joystick are not binded at all.

May I ask you to help  me?

For your information, I installed the latest driver for my Joystick, the x-plane plug-in from saitek site.

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Problem is the X-Plane not see your X56 as HID keyboard and saitek drivers not working. X-Plane see your X56 as HID Joystick. The full potential of the joystick is lost.

Hey, Laminar, Why X-Plane not work with Saitek soft? The lot of potential of X56 lost.
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I agree. The X-56 and many other Control devices have "MODE" switches that essentially double or triple the level of functionality. Unless the X-plane can read or bind to the Saitek or Logitech Programming Software, it is useless and reduces the amount of usability. Now, I may be missing something completely here so, please correct me if I am wrong. What is really odd is I can find NOTHING on YouTube or forums about anyone programming the Hotas other than some LUA scripts. May that is the answer.

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I read somewhere X-56 now has a better support from Logitech. Have you tried on Logitech website?

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Hi patrice419,

Further to Guillaume's comment, Logitech now owns Saitek.  They are upgrading software and modifying some of the old Saitek products.  Go to the following link and scroll down to the bottom of the page for software to download.   Don't know the version though.  All you can do is try it.

The link can be found at .

Hope this helps.