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I'm using X-Plane 10 for IFR approach practice. After completing an approach, it's possible to see the flight path on the local map, but unless I'm missing something, not the vertical profile. Several other simulators I've used in the past (like Elite and an old one called IFR Trainer or something like that) would show a split screen with the map and the aircraft's altitude at each point along the path.

X-Plane has a split view, but it seems to only show the glideslope. Is there a way to do this? Or, if there's not, how about this in a future release?


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You can toggle the 3D flight path on and off under the aircraft menu. Here is the section of the manual that explains all the features available.

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I read this and I see that Ctrl-p toggles it on and off. How do you know it's on? I just did an approach with the checkbox on next to toggle 3-D flight path and it didn't seem to make any difference. Still no profile of the altitude in the map window.
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I'm sorry I didn't explain that better: it toggles it off and on in the regular world where you perform the flight, not in the map. So after you finish your landing, toggle it on and go to an exterior view such as free camera (c key, move the view with the arrow and comma & period keys). Your path will show up in the world itself. You can toggle multiple versions as well.