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My B738 is uncontrollably climbing and descending whenever the 'ALT HOLD' comes on the Autopilot. This has been happening for several flights now, and it has not stopped, I am able to take off ok, but whenever I hit my cruising altitude and try to level off, the plane starts climbing and descending rapidly all the way up to V.S. 9999+ and -9999. This issue has really started to annoy me and I really want this fixed.

Thank you

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Hi, what's your X-plane version? The latest beta is 11.05r1. Can you post a video (with a dropbox link for instance) of what you are doing to reproduce this bug.

Can you include your X-plane 11\log.txt file?

In the meanwhile, you could try and delete (or move for backup) X-plane 11\Output\preferences folder, see if it solves the problem.

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