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Recently I installed X-Plane 11 from Steam, and all went well untill I installed new aircraft or plugin.

When I install the B737 ZiboMod, or any single plugin (BetterPushback), the default's B737-800 3D cockpit doesn't display correctly the PFD and others displays. It's like the images are not well located. See file attached.

Even, the B737 ZiboMod's 3D cockpit doesn't display correctly the PFD, etc. The rest of the others cockpit's planes are ok.

I deleted all plugins and the B737 ZiboMod, run it again, and the default's B737-800 3D cockpit continues with the issue...

If I make a clean new installation, the issue disapears.

Any solution to work well with new aeroplanes or plugins?

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It sounds like you aren't installing it correctly.

Read this post -

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Thanks for the fast answer.

After I made the second clean install, to try, I just installed the BetterPushback but not the ZiboMod, to verify if it was one of them two.

It's happens the same just with the BetterPushback plugin...
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You are installing the BetterPushBack plugin into the X-Plane 11/Resources/Plugins folder right?
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Yes. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\X-Plane 11\Resources
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Yes sorry, that's the folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\BetterPushback.

Problem still persists.
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Your log.txt shows that you are using an Intel HD Graphics 4600 card.

OpenGL Vendor    : Intel
OpenGL Render    : Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600
OpenGL Version   : 4.2.0 - Build (420/0)

Sorry to tell you but that card simply isn't capable of running XP11 properly let alone rendering a graphics intensive aircraft such as the ZIbo mod.

Check out this post (which is already 5 years old)...

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Oh... I will have to try with a new graphics card.