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I should insert the first DVD after an update has been made, or use the product key. The DVD is at home and I'm on vacation.
My productKey starts so XP1101-BE ..... This is not taken however. What can I do to fly further in my vacation?

XP 11

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Product keys and DVDs are sold as separate products. If you have purchased the DVDs, you would also have had to purchase a digital download in order to have both.

That number looks like the beginning of an order number or some other code. It doesn't look like an X-Plane digital download product key.
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Thank you for your quick response. I bought the DVD's. I have already played several times xp 11. That's why I was wondering why is now asked again after the first DVD. For the DVD's I have not always with me.
Then I can not play the game in my vacation because the DVD can not be inserted. Too bad ... Nevertheless, THANKS
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Hi Varastrecker,

I am of the opinion the use of a XP11 USB key, kept in the Laptop bag (?) would assist in solving your "holiday" problem.

Refer to my question raised at  http://questions.x-plane.com/12249/availability-of-usb-key-dongle-for-x-plane-11 for an answer from Laminar Research.

Keep safe while flying.


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