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I have purchased Xplane11 by Laminar Research as a set of 8 DVD's from "aerosoft" I run it on Win10 with a Thrustmaster stick. The simulator ran for about 2 weeks but now each time I start it up it requires me to place DVD #1 into my computer to unlock the game. The computer is always connected to the internet.  What can I do to overcome this requirement I do have all registration keys/ etc.


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I see this has been asked before but I do not see a satisfactory answer

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Hi Russell,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

I have the boxed set of DVDs from Aerosoft.

To run the dvd version of X-Plane you have to have disc 1 inserted in the DVD drive at all times. There is no registration key required or supplied with a disc version.  There is no USB dongle available as a replacement for disc 1 as there is for X-Plane 10.  The alternative is to create an ISO disc or a ISO USB dongle (consult Dr Google on how to create)

The so called registration keys supplied with the aerosoft DVD package on a aerosoft document  is a "ploy" or "con" or "enticement" to encourage you to purchase other Aerosoft products at a discount rate.  It has no impact at all with regards to running the DVD version.

At the time I installed the boxed set I had the same problem you are experiencing and contacted LR.  There advice is exactly what I have advised you.

Use the advice I have given you and it will work.


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