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My x-plane 11 when i fly from or to LPPT the must times the simulator slowdown for 1/2 frames and not recovery anymore (even if i change aerodrome or plane), i have to close the simulator and restart.

I have 16 RAM and a GTX 960M the simulator run very well at another locations.


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Can you ionclude your X-plane 11\log.txt file? Do you have any custom scenery installed in the vicinity of LPPT?

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No i don t have any custom scenery installed






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Does it still happen if you remove all additional plugins, or on a clean install?  You could install a second copy of X-plane to check that, it you have 20 Gb available..

I guess you've tried many different graphic settings.. shadows and objects slider have a great impact on fps.
Is it smooth if you fly in another very populated area too, like egll or lfpg?

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