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At the moment as soon as the Helicopter is ready for Take Off.. with engine running just takes OFF. Neither throttle or collective  control have any effect.... Yaw ,Pitch and Rudder work OK

I have set Slide 1 on the throttle to ""collective'"  (blade pitch I assume) .Which should give me zero blade pitch when closed  and no lift.

Both Throttle and ..slider 1. show correct movement on the setup screen

When I go to an external view, the blade angle does not change if the ..slider 1.. is move to Max position.. there does not appear to be any calibration available for this function.

With these settings the helicopter should sit on the ground as the throttle is opened and only lift Off when the blade pitch is is increased, with the collective control.

If anyone has settings that work, or suggestions regarding the problem , it would be appreciated

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Hi, the throttle is reversed with helicopters. Surprising at the beginning but it makes more sense like that.
When I fly helicopters, i push the throttle full forward, i launch the helicopter, with engines turning and i bring the throttle backwards gently. Does it work if you do that? Never change abruptly the "throttle" (ie collective) with helicopters.
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Thanks   ..that explains my problem!!..Have reversed the Throttle direction in Settings ,as for me it seems more logical to take off by opening the throttle as normal.

Thanks for info
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In my experience with this problem I have found that if you select the "invert throttle" box it will go back to "Normal" so you control rotor pitch as you would with a fixed wing throttle. You just have to remember to switch it back once you have finished your flight with the helicopter.