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The Saitek X52 Pro throttle has two detents at about 15% and 85%. Currently, with the throttle axis obviously set to the throttle binding, leaving it at the 15% detent naturally sets the throttle to 15%. What I would like is for this range between 15% and 85% to be the normal throttle, with 0% - 15% being reverse thrust and 85% - 100% being WEP (or equivalent, if applicable).

The Saitek software does allow you to program various "bands" on the throttle axis to specific macros, but that doesn't allow me to interface with X-Plane's reverse axis. I'd rather reverse thrust not be a button toggle or a separate axis (I'm currently using the thumb slider on the throttle).

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X-Plane doesn't have support for this, but this is certainly the kind of functionality a plugin could provide.